How to Design Your Car Audio System with HIFI X12

How to Design Your Car Audio System
The HIFI-X12 Packs 8 Channels Amplifier and 10 Channels Digital Signal Processor into a Compact.Designed to Simplify Great Audio, Every Amplifier Combines Advanced Switching Amplifier Technology with an Integrated, Full Digital Signal Processor.
-Active Three-Way Front Stage System Design: (Total 11 speakers)
Central Processor:DSP HIFI X12;
Front sound field:3 Way Speaker SK-8;
Back sound field:2 Way Speaker SK-6;
Subwoofer:Spair tire subwoofer SW2010T;

Recommendation Reason:If you're after the most realistic, detailed and accurate car audio system performance available,please upgrading your vehicle with active Three-Way Front Stage System. Once it's installed and calibrated, the results will be amazing!